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Collection Defense

Stop Debt Collection Harassment For Good by Calling Mitchell J. Moore Attorney at Law

A Collection Defense Attorney in Columbia, MO Can Help

When a debt collector contacts a debtor to request a payment, they must follow certain rules of conduct. Unfortunately, many debt collectors don't follow these rules and instead harass their debtors day after day.

If you're a victim of debt collection harassment or creditor abuse, turn to a collection defense attorney from Mitchell J. Moore Attorney at Law. We offer a wide range of collection defense services, including credit card collection defense. You can count on us to fight back against your abuse and negotiate with your creditor on your behalf. Call 573-449-3318 now to learn more about our credit card collection defense services in Columbia, MO. You can schedule a free consultation with attorney Mitchell J. Moore at your convenience.

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When Should You Hire a Collection Defense Attorney?

Not sure if a collection defense attorney is really necessary? You should consider hiring one if a debt collector or creditor won't stop:

  • Calling you early in the morning or late at night

  • Making threats about putting you in jail or suing you

  • Speaking to you rudely when you answer the phone

  • Harassing coworkers or neighbors about your location and telling them about your debt

To hire a collection defense attorney in Columbia, MO with a proven record of success, reach out to Mitchell J. Moore Attorney at Law today. No attorney in Missouri has a better record against 3rd party debt collectors and is also able to negotiate successfully with first-party creditors.