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I genuinely care about my clients and their future and I enjoy helping them with whatever they need.


After 38 years of practicing law, I can offer my clients the kind of unparalleled service that only comes with experience.


I like to educate my clients on the law and encourage their input so we can work together to find a solution.

Bankruptcy & Debt Collections Attorney Serving Columbia, Missouri

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Mitchell J. Moore

Attorney at law

A life-long resident of Columbia, Missouri, I pursued a legal degree at the University of Missouri School of Law. I offer my community the advantage of hiring local counsel who can relate to their specific needs, and when they meet with me, I want to hear their story so I can get to know them and how I can use my skills to help.
Regardless of the situation, you shouldn't have to deal with your legal matters alone.You need a reliable and dedicated attorney on your from the very beginning, and my desire is to give you quality service you can rely on.

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If I can help relieve your stress — whether you're facing a criminal charge or financial distress — then I feel like I've done my job.

Mitchell J. Moore

Helping you Find financial relief

Oftentimes, when people hear the word "bankruptcy" they associate it with negativity and sometimes shame. But bankruptcy can be the best option for getting out of debt. Debt that you would be stuck in longer than it takes for your credit score to rise back up after filing for bankruptcy.

You have different options and choices to make once you decide to take this route. You can either file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Each has its own benefits but to really understand which one is right for you, an attorney with experience is the best way to determine the best course of action.

Chapter 7 is also referred to as "Liquidation Bankruptcy." This chapter uses your assets to repay your debts and is usually for debtors who don't have the means to pay back all or some of their debts. Chapter 13 is known as a reorganization of your debts that establishes a payback plan that you can reasonably manage.

What ever your situation may be, I can help you understand your options and the possible outcomes of each decision you will have to make during the bankruptcy process.

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Helping you through life's toughest challenges


Should you apply for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Consult with an attorney to determine which is right for you.

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Collection Defense

How can you stop harassing collection calls? Do you have a case to file a law suit? Let me help you put a stop to this harassment.

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Criminal Defense

What is the best defense strategy for your case? How do you make sure your individual rights are honored? Hire a defense attorney.

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Helping you through the bankruptcy process with compassion

Proudly serving the community that raised me, I enjoy relating to my clients to better serve their needs. If they are considering filing for bankruptcy, I can help them determine which chapter to file and use my knowledge of bankruptcy law to find the best solution for their unique situation.

When you are consumed by debt, everything in your life becomes centered on it. Maybe you can't focus at work because you are sick with financial worry or maybe you aren't able to fully enjoy you child's first day of school because you don't know how you are going to pay for everything they need.

Your life shouldn't be spent worrying, and with the help of an experienced, compassionate bankruptcy attorney you can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel and take the first steps toward financial recovery.

No matter your situation is or what your circumstances are, I want to help you through it. I've been practicing law for a long time, and I keep coming back everyday for the same reason: I love helping my clients achieve their goals and move forward in their lives. Let me use my knowledge and expertise to help you.